Many of you may know me from the years I spent in the music industry.  Many of you may also know me from working in real estate as a Realtor.  I hope the following gives you a little insight into who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

I was incredibly blessed to have had the experiences I had creating music for over 20 years.  During that time I was able to travel the world and accomplish every dream I set out to achieve.  However, in the last few years, through speaking at conferences, writing for various magazines and websites, and mentoring your artists/musicians, I discovered an overwhelming love for helping people pursue their passions.  As one who understands these ‘big dreamers’ first hand, I’ve gotten more satisfaction from helping them achieve major milestones in their life and career, than achieving my own.

They say our priorities change as we get older, and over the last few years I realized my true desire is to help others pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

Which brings us to my current active role in real estate.  My passion for it began in the mid 2000’s while I was living in Los Angeles, and where apartment living is the norm.  I was fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time at some of the most beautiful properties, and experiencing how these homes positively impacted the owner’s work, family, and ultimately contributed to a magnificent life, was inspiring.  The transformation from an empty house into a home that brings so much peace, joy and comfort is an incredible process.

When I moved to Nashville, I was able to experience that process first hand, and the resulting change in my own life was dramatic.  When I found my dream home, we were informed it was a short sale with multiple liens.  Everyone told me to run!  Everyone... but my Realtor.  He said, “This is going to be a tough one, I can’t tell you how long it’s going to take.  It’s going to require a lot of patience, but I’m going to see this one through to the end.”  A little over 7 months, and many negotiations later, we closed.  When everyone said to run, he stuck with me.  It was through this experience that I saw the life-changing value of a dedicated, skilled Realtor.

To Help Other Pursue Their Passions and Achieve Their Dreams.  What’s why I do what I do.  That’s ultimately what I was built for, and that’s why I love the real estate industry.  My experience with contracts, strong negotiating skills, relentless resolve to achieve a goal, and the belief that ‘success is measured by your ability to help realize the vision of those you’re working for,’ all of which were cultivated during my years in the music industry, now translate seamlessly to my current role as a Realtor.

To my musician/artist friends, I’m still incredibly passionate about music and what it does for the soul.  In the pinnacle of my career, it’s now the perfect time for me to create a line of succession for our future artists who are in pursuit of building their career, so I’ve created a blog & e-book at, specifically for you, where I share, and will continue to share, all my ‘secrets’ to successfully license your own music.  I’ve laid out the steps I took to get my music in tv shows, films and commercials.  I know this process works, and the information is all free.  Most importantly, I want you to experience the satisfaction of achieving all of your own musical dreams too!

Thank you for stopping by, and let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way.


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